Heating Oil delivered direct to your door

Our delivery options help make life easier

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to check your oil levels, so with our planned delivery services, we’ll take care of delivering your oil, making life easier and saving you time and money and we have a range of delivery options for you to choose from.

Peace of mind with planned delivery

With the planned delivery, we arrange deliveries for you. By doing this, it makes our deliveries more efficient, with any cost savings passed directly onto our customers. And if you happen to run out, don’t worry – we will send out a boiler engineer to re-fire your boiler as part of the package.

What is Planned delivery?

✓ Our Planned Delivery rate is 1ppl lower than our standard 900 litre rate

✓ Automatic delivery when you’re running low

✓ We monitor and manage your fuel deliveries

✓ Easy and convenient (no need to phone)

✓ Boiler re-fired as part of the package*

✓ Any cost savings come straight back to you

✓ Saves time (we take care of everything)

Sign up to planned delivery

To sign up to planned deliveries please complete the below form.

Changed your fuel usage? Let us know.

Whether you use our planned or timed delivery service, always inform us of any changes to your lifestyle which might impact on your fuel usage. For example, having underfloor heating or an oil-fired cooker installed.

Timed delivery

What is timed delivery?

Our Timed Delivery service is usually for industrial users who require deliveries at regular set times.

What are the benefits?

✓ Delivery requested at regular set times

✓ Usually for industrial users

✓ Easy and convenient (no need to phone)

✓ Convenient service as planned to suit you

How to videos

We have produced some helpful videos to prepare for an oil delivery, including how to read your oil level and some tips on how to give your tank a quick health check to make sure there are no issues when we come to deliver.

Oil tank health check

Give your home oil tank a health check with these easy steps.

Check your oil level

It’s always recommended that you keep an eye on the level of oil in your tank. This reduces the chances of running out of oil, and spotting that your tank has a drop in oil levels might indicate your tank has a leak. Watch our video to find out how to check your oil level.

Prepare for your delivery

Watch our video on how to prepare for an oil delivery. The instructions in this clip will give you advice on how to make sure your delivery is as safe and prompt as possible.

Considered planned delivery?

Save time and money by setting up planned delivery for your home fuels

What are the benefits?