Superyacht Bunkering

Rubis Channel Islands is the leading supplier of superyacht bunkering services at the Western end of the English Channel.

At Rubis Channel Islands we cover the English Channel, supplying fuels direct to superyachts in Guernsey and Jersey. We import, store and distribute our own fuel, providing full quality assurance on product and supply.

The advantage of Rubis managing the whole supply chain from refinery to delivery is that we are in full control of our costs. Added with the beneficial tax/ duty arrangement in the Channel Islands, we are able to offer low priced marine fuel for both private and commercially registered superyachts.

Rubis Channel Islands is able to provide a full range of products and services to superyachts, including:

  • Premium marine ULSD/ AGO FAME free (certified ISO 8217:2017 de-minimis) – wholesale low tax/ duty paid
  • JET A-1 ASTM / AFQRJOS specifications
  • Range of Shell lubricants – direct to vessel
  • Local agency services


Rubis is recognised as having the expertise for English Channel superyacht bunkering and has grown this business to now receive a superyacht, on average, every two weeks. The number of superyacht visits to Guernsey has tripled and fuel volumes quadrupled over 2 years from 2016 to 2018, with many vessels making return calls.

This has surpassed the sector’s general growth as more Captains, Owners and Agents become aware of the service and the benefits of Guernsey and Jersey stopovers.

The Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey are ideally situated alongside the superyacht transit routes at the entrance of the English Channel.


Downloads of the English Channel service and the full Rubis Atlantic Network covering Bermuda and the Caribbean are available here:

Superyachts ‘2022 Year’

Superyacht ‘Moon Sand’

Superyacht ‘Slipstream’

Superyacht ‘Here Comes The Sun’

Superyacht Atlantic Bunkering Network - Rubis Marine

Superyacht ‘Erica’

Superyacht ‘EOS’

Superyacht ‘Astra’

Superyachts ‘ACE’ & ‘Sixth Sense’

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