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We have recently changed our payment provider, so you will notice a difference in the look and feel of the payment page. There is no need for concern, your online payments will continue to be secure, fast and convenient. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Finding your customer number

You will see your Customer Number on your statement, invoice or other communications we send you. Your Customer Number is prefixed by either a J or a G depending on where your account is held.

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How we use your information

All of the information that we are asking you to submit is critical to the process that you’re applying for. We don’t ask for, or store any personal information on you unless that data is critical to the process.

Faster, easier and more secure online transactions with Opayo

We use Opayo to protect your sensitive payment information throughout your transaction with us. Making your online payments with Opayo is fast, convenient and secure, offering around-the-clock UK support and reliable fraud protection.

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