Marine fuels

Marine fuels

Our 60 years of experience means you're in good hands

As the Channel Islands’ leading fuel distributor, we provide quality marine fuels to the highest specifications. Thanks to our comprehensive and managed supply network, we can provide premium quality bio-free marine fuels at competitive prices in Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney.

We have over 60 years’ experience of marine fuelling in the Channel Islands and provide diesel directly from our road tankers for bulk deliveries, and diesel and petrol though our network of roadside and marine retail sites.

Why choose Rubis marine fuels?

The RYA advises boat owners to always request bio free marine fuels. Rubis fuels are premium products and bio free to ISO de-minimis giving you the following benefits:

Higher power output

✓ Cleaner product and burn with lower particulates in exhaust

✓ Non-bio to avoid diesel bug or tank and fuel system clogging

✓ Our Petrol is 95 Unleaded (no ethanol bio content added)

✓ Our Diesel is ULSD/AGO FAME free (ultra-low sulphur diesel, automotive grade fuel oil, no FAME bio content added).

Read our useful guide on marine fuel in the Channel Islands here

Harbour Supply Ports

We have four ports split between Jersey and Guernsey, providing you with the best access to high quality marine fuel in the Channel Islands. Discounts are available for volume and accounts and you can also use your Rubis Card to pay for fuel. Further information about individual port locations is listed below:


St Sampson's Fuel Pontoon

St Sampson's Fuel Pontoon

✓ 2 miles North of St Peter Port and accessible from half tide up.

✓ Direct wholesale priced ULSD/AGO to leisure vessels.

✓ View St Sampson’s infosheet and contact +44 (0) 1481 200 800 or for more information.

St Peter Port

St Peter Port

✓ Bulk delivery of fuel and berth arrangements to suit.

✓ ULSD/AGO to commercial vessels and superyachts.

✓ Wholesale supply to larger skippered-delivery leisure vessels.

✓ View Superyacht Bunkering or contact for more information.


St Helier

St Helier

✓ Victoria Pier Fuel Berth.

✓ Petrol (UL) and Diesel (ULSD/AGO).

✓ View St Helier’s infosheet and contact +44 (0) 7700 347313 for more information.



✓ Gorey Pier Fuel Berth.

✓ Petrol (UL) & Diesel (ULSD/AGO).

✓ View Gorey’s infosheet or contact +44 (0) 7797 742384 for more information.


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