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At Rubis Channel Islands we offer a range of high-quality fuels to thousands of road users across our 23 outlets. We stock a variety of fuels to cater to all islander’s requirements, including unleaded petrol and diesel. The high-quality petrol and diesel Rubis sell contains 100% petroleum, which means that when you buy a litre of fuel from a Rubis forecourt – you receive 1000ml of petrol.

If you buy a litre of E10 petrol, you will only receive 900ml of petrol, up to 100ml will be a bio content with a lesser calorific value. This means that the fuel you buy from a Rubis forecourt therefore has a higher calorific value per litre than if you bought a litre of E10 petrol from another forecourt.

Furthermore, in selected forecourts, we also offer gas oil, super unleaded, and premium unleaded fuels. All of the fuels listed above are 100% fossil fuels, which means they come from natural sources, are refined, and then sold as fuel.

However, if you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly, we do also offer Renewable Diesel (RD100). RD100 is a clear and odourless fuel which is refined from 100% renewable sources such as vegetable oils from rapeseed, sunflower and soybean, and waste fats such as animal fats or used cooking oil. RD100 will reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional diesel, making it a more sustainable option.

We believe that we have a responsibility to protect the planet for future generations. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to invest in renewable energy. We are always actively exploring the possibility of investing further in renewables. One of the options we’re exploring is a “renewable petrol” that would be made from renewable sources, such as biomass or waste material.

While the scale for renewable petrol production isn’t yet viable, we are looking to invest in research and development to explore its potential. We recognise that the transition to renewable energy won’t happen overnight, but we’re committed to taking steps towards a cleaner future.

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