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What is EcoHeat100?

Rubis EcoHeat100 is a renewable heating oil which can act as a direct replacement to kerosene or gasoil and is a pragmatic alternative to less environmentally friendly domestic heating. An excellent choice to tackle climate change, EcoHeat100 is just as efficient as your regular heating oil and will cut global carbon emissions by up to 90% over its lifecycle. Locally we will benefit from improved air quality, due to EcoHeat100’s cleaner properties, we will benefit from lower hydrocarbons, NOx, carbon monoxide and particulates.

What does EcoHeat100 contain?


EcoHeat100 is a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a premium quality second-generation biofuel made from renewable, sustainable raw materials, such as used cooking oil and waste fats.

What are the benefits of using EcoHeat100?


Made from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable materials, with up to 90% reduction in net CO2 greenhouse emissions


An alternative to kerosene or gas oil


Odourless and just as efficient as heating oil


Low cost, simple conversion process


Safe and secure storage and handling

See how it compares

See how much you could save

Take a look at the comparison chart to compare heating oil prices against gas and electricity.

Part of our vision for a greener future

At Rubis, we’re taking steps with you towards a greener future, by offering an immediate solution to reduce carbon emissions for oil-heated households and businesses in the Channel Islands.

Rubis Channel Islands are the first fuel distributor to be able to offer a renewable heating oil in Britain. We are leading the local liquid energy transition, we are fully aligned with both Islands’ intention to become carbon neutral and we have been working with Government on how to achieve this.

We believe if a customer wants to be carbon neutral they should have a choice between energy providers and not have to spend thousands of pounds on a new heating system. EcoHeat100 enables heating oil customers to do just that – switch their fuel rather than their entire heating system. Whilst EcoHeat100 is slightly more expensive than traditional heating oil, for those looking to switch to other electricity to be more environmentally conscious, we now have a more cost-effective option than installing a new electric heating system.

EcoHeat100 has been successfully trialled by Rubis Channel Islands and by OFTEC in the UK, demonstrating first-hand the huge potential this oil offers in helping to overcome the challenge of decarbonising homes and offices. This renewable liquid fuel works well in all existing oil-fired heating systems following a simple, cost-effective conversion process, which will take no more than a morning to switch you over.

Globally, and closer to home, goals and plans have been set to achieve a net-zero carbon. And we believe if we act together, we can act faster and make a difference, no matter how big or small a step we all take. With a growing range of sustainable products for your vehicles and now for your homes and business, we are committed to help shape a greener future.

Make your journey towards a greener future, renewable heating for your home available today.

Switch your home heating system to renewable heating oil

Switching to renewable home heating fuel might be easier than you think. We can advise whether your existing boiler can be adapted, or otherwise fit an EcoBoiler. Contact us today to discuss options.

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