Rubis Renewables

We all recognise the importance of tackling climate change with the utmost urgency.

At Rubis, we are delivering solutions to make our islands cleaner for tomorrow. From renewable fuels to solar power and energy efficient technologies, we’re driving change and building resilience for the future. That’s why we are championing our efforts in our renewable energy sector across the business.

What are Rubis Renewables?

Rubis Renewables are our greener alternatives to products which are readily available today. We have a range of greener alternatives for domestic and motor available for you to switch to today:


Renewable Heating Oil (EcoHeat100):

Instead of using regular kerosene for your boiler, you can now use our 100% Renewable Heating Oil – EcoHeat100 to heat your home the greener way, with up to 90% reduction in CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe if a customer wants to be carbon neutral, they should have a choice between energy providers and not have to spend thousands of pounds on a new heating system. EcoHeat100 enables heating oil customers to do just that – switch their fuel rather than their entire heating system.

Whilst EcoHeat100 is slightly more expensive than traditional heating oil, for those looking to switch to electricity to be more environmentally conscious, we now have a more cost-effective option than installing a new electric heating system.

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Rubis EcoBoilers:

With the Government of Jersey approving the Carbon Neutral Roadmap, new fossil fuel boiler installations are to be banned from 2026.

This has got many people thinking that their only option now is to switch to electricity to be greener. However, our EcoBoilers will still be allowed to be installed from 2026 onwards as they run on renewable heating oil like EcoHeat100. With EcoBoilers, you can discover a smarter, greener lifestyle that doesn’t cost the earth, and we are already offering these in both islands.

EcoBoilers run on renewable heating oil and NOT fossil fuels. These are boilers that still provide heating and warm water we need but at the same time protect the environment through little to no emissions in both the manufacturing process and the operating process.

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Rubis Solar:

We believe if your aim is to become carbon neutral, you should have the opportunity to do so. With Rubis Solar, you can reduce your businesses carbon footprint whilst also saving money on your energy bills in the long term.

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Renewable Diesel (RD100):

As the Channel Islands’ most forward thinking fuel distributor, we understand a large amount of carbon emissions are produced from travel on island mainly through cars. People assume that the only way of traveling greener via their own car is by owning an electric vehicle. However, we understand not everyone can afford to switch to an electric vehicle today, and the infrastructure isn’t quite there at the moment to support people to switch to an electric vehicle today.

As a way to tackle this issue, we offer our 100% Renewable Diesel RD100 which is able to reduce your carbon emissions by up to 90% in comparison to regular diesel.

This is readily available at selected forecourts and is a drop in fuel, so no alterations are required for your vehicle.

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