Introducing our innovative EcoBoilers

Turn up the heat while you turn down emissions

With EcoBoilers, you can discover a smarter, greener lifestyle that doesn’t cost the earth and we are already offering these in both islands. 

*With the Government of Jersey approving the Carbon Neutral Roadmap, new fossil fuel boiler installations are to be banned from 2026 in Jersey CI. However, EcoBoilers will still be allowed to be installed from 2026 onwards as they run on renewable heating oil, like EcoHeat100

What are EcoBoilers?

EcoBoilers are a special type of boiler which provide heating and warm water but at the same time protect the environment through little to no emissions in both the manufacturing process and the operating process.

EcoBoilers renewable heating oil

Greener, cleaner home heating

EcoBoilers run on renewable heating oil and NOT fossil fuels, which makes them better for the planet, while still efficient at heating your home.

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Switch your home heating system to renewable heating oil

With our EcoBoilers, switching your boiler is all it takes to upgrade your existing system to meet Jersey’s carbon neutral standards in time for 2026. Rubis EcoBoilers will still be allowed to be installed from 2026 onwards, as they run on renewable heating oil like Rubis EcoHeat100. Contact us today to discuss options.

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