Quick and convenient fuel delivery

Order your Heating Oil online or by phone

You can rely on us to ensure that you have oil in your tank when you need it. You can order your heating oil online or by phone, and pay by direct debit or card. And, if you have a Rubis Card, you can use your Reward points to pay for your fuel orders.

Delivery times

When you place a fuel order, we normally deliver within 48 hours. During peak winter season we guarantee to deliver within five working days. We do offer an emergency out-of-hours service, where charges will be applicable.

Ways to pay

With different payment options available, simply choose a method to suit you and your budget.

  • Fixed Direct Debit
  • Variable Direct Debit
  • Cash or card
  • Rubis Points (earn 4ppl when you use your Rubis Card for motor fuel)

Place an order

To place a heating oil order please complete the below form. We will contact you to confirm receipt of the order and the estimated delivery date.

If you are on our planned or timed delivery service, we manage your deliveries for you, so you do not need to complete the below form.

Contact us about your order

If you’d like to contact us about your order, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Maintaining your boiler

Managing your oil

Make sure your boiler is maintained by an OFTEC registered engineer at least once a year. This helps to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. We provide several different levels of cover, more information can be found here.

Please remember that if you are managing the fuel levels of your domestic heating oil yourself:

  • You need to check your oil levels, especially in winter. Watch our video on how to check your oil level
  • Contact us when you are down to roughly 10% of the tank capacity, allow up to five working days for delivery during peak periods
  • Emergency and out of hours service charges apply
  • We offer Apollo and Watchman devices to help check levels

Remote fuel monitoring with an Apollo or Watchman

If you don’t want to go outside and check your oil levels, the Apollo or Watchman is perfect for you. This handy device is a remote oil level monitor, which reads the approximate level of fuel in your oil storage tank. However, we do still recommend that you physically check your oil levels in the winter months, as well as an oil tank health check at least twice a year.

How to videos

We have produced some helpful videos to prepare for an oil delivery, including how to read your oil level and some tips on how to give your tank a quick health check to make sure there are no issues when we come to deliver.

Oil tank health check

Give your home oil tank a health check with these easy steps.

Check your oil level

It’s always recommended that you keep an eye on the level of oil in your tank. This reduces the chances of running out of oil, and spotting that your tank has a drop in oil levels might indicate your tank has a leak. Watch our video to find out how to check your oil level.

Prepare for your delivery

Watch our video on how to prepare for an oil delivery. The instructions in this clip will give you advice on how to make sure your delivery is as safe and prompt as possible.

Considered planned delivery?

Save time and money by setting up planned delivery for your home fuels

What are the benefits?