Switch & Save

Switch from gas to oil and save £££s

Switch from gas to oil and save £££s

Oil, gas, electric … what’s the difference? As long as they heat your home and keep you comfortable throughout the winter, that’s all that matters right? Well, unless you like wasting your hard-earned money, it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Switching from gas to oil can save you THOUSANDS of pounds, and with our range of ecofuels could help save the planet too. In the Channel Islands oil is by far the cheapest way to heat your home, Rubis can switch, maintain and fuel your home.

By switching to Rubis you can heat your home with high quality kerosene, our new EcoHeat100 (100% renewable heating oil) or even incorporate solar into your heating system.

The energy landscape is evolving, we are providing our customers with a range of solutions as part of the energy mix. We want to make sure our customers are able to choose how they heat their home and offer a variety of cost effective and energy efficient solutions.


Heating Oil FAQ’s

If you’re new to oil-fired central heating here are some answers to the questions we are frequently asked:

How much will I save by switching from gas to oil?

One of the main reasons that many Islanders are switching to oil is its lower operating costs.   Compared to gas, heating your home with oil can save thousands of pounds each year. Click here for our comparison chart.

Why can I save more in Jersey than Guernsey?

The simple answer is because the Gas rates differ between both islands.  Our rates are the same irrespective of which Island you live in. Our comparison chart is kept up to date with the latest prices for oil and gas in the Islands.

How much is it going to cost me to switch?

Switching to oil can significantly reduce your monthly heating bill and annual heating expenses. However, the cost of converting your heating system to oil is a comparatively small investment, when you factor in the potential savings over three years. Enjoying a lower monthly heating bill is one of the main reasons people switch from gas to oil. We also offer interest free credit for up to 5 years. Click here for our example to switch and save.

How long will it take to switch from gas to oil?

Every home is different so we’ll visit you and work with you to recommend the best solution for your needs. But as a guide you can expect the conversion to take 4 to 5 days.

Who manages the switch?

We can manage the whole project from start to finish. Our team will personally ensure every stage is handled professionally and efficiently  from the estimate right through to installation, servicing and maintenance.

How do I get oil?

You will automatically be signed up for our Planned Delivery Service.  You can rely on us to ensure that you have oil in your tank when you need it as we automatically arrange the delivery. Because this is more efficient for our deliveries, you benefit from the savings that we pass on to you.

By doing this, it makes our deliveries more efficient, with any cost savings passed directly onto our customers. And it’s more convenient because you don’t need to be at home when we call, so long as your fuel storage tank is in an accessible location we can make the delivery.

Kerosene is the most widely used fuel used in domestic central heating systems in the Channel Islands so we often refer to it as home heating oil or domestic heating oil. It is chosen for its winter performance, affordability, and because it offers a cleaner and more efficient burn compared to diesel. Once you have taken delivery of your fuel, it is there for you to use as you need it.  There are no tariffs to think about, no situations where you could lose your supply and when the price of heating oil is lower you can stock up in advance, unlike piped gas.

Read more www.which.co.uk

What about servicing once the switch is made?

We offer a variety of boiler maintenance services to ensure your heating system runs safely and efficiently all year round.  As part of our Switch and Save offer we have included free servicing for 5 years.

Is oil fired central heating energy efficient?

A professionally installed quality oil fired central heating system should be every bit as efficient as your gas system, if not a little more in some cases. Oil fired condensing boilers provide more efficiency by recycling waste flue gases. The CO2 emissions for oil fired heating are, using an efficient boiler, no greater than normal gas. Typically, a new oil-fired boiler will have an efficiency of 92-95%.

Concerned about the environment?

In addition to our standard kerosene we offer our Thermo Premium heating oil which protects your oil fired appliance, resulting in lower maintenance costs.  It’s also a greener option as it burns more effectively, resulting in lower emissions.

We are also the only energy company in Britain to offer EcoHeat100, a 100% renewable heating oil. If you want to make the move away from fossil fuels….our plant-based EcoHeat100 is the solution. You can find out more about EcoHeat100 here <hyperlink>.

You could also consider a hybrid (or dual fuel) heating system which combines a traditional oil boiler with a renewable heating system such as a heat pump.

As with all heating systems, regular servicing and modern heating controls will help the boiler burn more cleanly and your system to run more efficiently.

Do I need to change my radiators if I switch from gas to oil?

There’s no need to change your radiators when you switch.  All that is changing is the heat source.  Put simply heating oil is normally used in a ‘wet’ heating system, where an oil-fired boiler heats the water, then provides central heating via radiators and hot water to the taps in your home. The main difference between gas (mains or portable) and heating oil is that heating oil is delivered by road and stored in an oil tank somewhere outside your home.  If you live in an apartment, there may not be enough space to site the tank and so conversion would sadly not be possible.

Would I save more money if I switched from gas to electricity?

There are small savings to be made if you switch from gas to electricity but you would have the considerable expense and inconvenience of  a full change out of your heating system.  Please refer to our comparison chart.

Are all of your installers qualified to fit a new boiler and tank?

Rubis have been installing oil fired central boilers in the Channel Islands for over 65 years.  Our engineers are OFTEC trained so you can be sure of the highest professional and technical standards.

Our experienced engineers can handle the entire gas to oil conversion and we offer a range of products from leading manufacturers, which we are fully qualified and accredited to install and maintain.

What about Agas and Rayburns?

Would your dream kitchen also include an Aga?  Our engineers have been fully trained by AGA to maintain and install their cookers to the highest standards this premium brand expects. We also have significant experience in maintaining and installing Rayburn, Esse  and Stanley stoves.  Rubis are the only company in the Channel Islands able to install, fuel and maintain your oil fired cooker, boiler & cylinder. Click here to find out more

Who are Rubis?

Rubis have been providing quality fuels and service to the Channel Islands since 1955. We are the leading supplier of road, heating, marine and aviation fuels and boiler maintenance services.

But we are so much more than a fuel supplier; we are an energy company focused on the future, caring for all your energy needs.

We appreciate how important it is to take care of our planet, for ourselves and for future generations.

As a consequence, we continuously strive to offset the impact of our operations by reducing our carbon footprint in order to make a positive difference.   Working in partnership with government, suppliers, and customers, we are at the leading edge of the transition towards lower carbon emissions. We’re bringing new fuel options and hybrid systems to the Islands, as well as seeking out innovative fuel and energy sources that are more efficient and more environmentally friendly.