Rubis Renewable Diesel

Rubis, the Channel Islands’ most forward-thinking fuel distributor, offers an advanced biofuel, as an immediate solution to reduce carbon emissions.

After Scandinavia and Baltic countries, the Channel Islands will become only the 11th place in the world to offer the new fuel, which is branded locally RD100. Rubis RD100 outperforms other biodiesels and fossil diesel and will cut global carbon emissions from diesel engines by up to 90% over its lifecycle.

RD100 is clear, odourless and is refined from 100% renewable sources such as vegetable oils from rapeseed, sunflower and soybean, and waste fats such as animal fats or used cooking oil.  It has better combustion and cold temperature resistance meaning it is better for diesel vehicles, particularly in the Channel Islands where journeys are short, and engines don’t reach full operating temperature. RD100 can replace regular fossil diesel today!

At a local level, air quality will improve, with a significant reduction in smoke, particulates, NOx and carbon monoxide. Then at a global level the carbon emissions during the lifecycle of the fuel are reduced by up to 90%, because the carbon being released in the atmosphere is offset by the carbon absorbed by plants in the production of the fuel, creating a virtuous global carbon cycle.

RD100 has been on trial in Jersey & Guernsey with heavy commercial vehicle fleets for several months and operators report marked improvement in both engine performance and reduced smoke emissions. Whilst RD100 is new to the Channel Islands, it has been widely used in Scandinavia for the last 10 years. The new fuel is compatible with existing diesel engines and there is no need for vehicle modifications.

RD100 is available at selected forecourts in Guernsey and Jersey.

We are also able to supply direct to commercial fleets and businesses who have their own diesel storage in both islands. For more information on how to switch, please contact out Customer Service Team on the details below.