Reliable suppliers of Motor and Aviation Fuel

As the Channel islands’ leading fuel distributor, we provide quality fuels to the highest health and safety specifications.

Motor Fuel

Each day we offer premium road fuel to thousands of road users across the islands. As well as great value fuel, available at 25 outlets, customers can benefit from even more savings by using their Rubis Card with each purchase. Although you don’t need to use your Rubis Card to buy fuel, it is the cheapest way to do so giving you great savings. When you fill up with your Rubis Card you’ll get Rubis Points in return. You can use these points with a wide selection of our partners to get more great offers. WIN £200 with our Fuelling Lucky Competition, for past winners and to find out more click here!


We are the sole distributor for Shell lubricants in the Channel Islands. If you are not sure what type of lubricant you require, click here to use the Shell LubeMatch guide.

Aviation Fuel & Lubricants

Safety is paramount in all aspects of aviation, so we pride ourselves in supplying aviation fuels to the highest specifications. From our depot in Guernsey, we fuel thousands of aircraft every year and supply millions of litres of jet fuel. We offer:
  • Jet-A1 AFQRJOS Check-List
  • AVGAS 100LL – ASTM D910 (Aviation Gasoline) & DEF-STAN 91-90
We supply Aeroshell lubricants from our Guernsey Airport depot and we work closely with Channel Island Aero Services, who can help supply you with your aviation lubricant requirements in Jersey.  

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If you would like to find out more about our motor, marine or aviation fuel services, please use the contact information below to get in touch.

Jersey: 01534 709 800

Guernsey office: 01481 200 800

Guernsey Airport: 01481 235 791

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