Feel the heat with 15% off home heating installations

Up to 15% off home heating installations, including boilers, oil tanks, cylinders and oil-fired cookers.

15 percent

Getting warmer...

To reward our loyal customers we are offering up to 15% off home heating installations. Sign up to Planned Delivery for heating oil, and save up to 15% off a new boiler, oil tank, cylinder or even an Oil-fired cooker. Whether you are thinking about installing an EcoBoiler, or looking at the benefits that a hybrid system can bring, then this is a great time to take advantage of this offer.

15% off heating installations


• Boilers (including EcoBoilers)

• Oil tanks

• Hot water cylinders

• Oil-fired cookers (i.e. AGA, Stanley, Rayburns)

• Solar hybrid systems

• Air source heat pumps

• Gas to heating oil conversions

Plus, if you are installing one of our eco products...

Get 5 years interest-free on renewable installations*

*Does not include conversions

How do I claim 15% off?

All you need to do is contact us to arrange a quote for a home heating installation. Once you have accepted the quote, just:

Sign up to Planned Delivery for heating oil.

Take out an annual service contract for two of the following: Boiler or EcoBoiler, Hot water cylinder (unvented), or oil-fired cooker (i.e. AGA, Stanley, Rayburns)

We are even offering a 10% discount if you sign up to Planned Delivery and take out one annual service contract.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for this offer can be found below:

Sign up to planned delivery

Sign up to planned delivery today to get started.

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