Why choose Rubis fuels?

The RYA advises boat owners to always request bio free marine fuels. Rubis fuels are premium products and bio free to ISO de-minimis giving you the following benefits:

  • Higher power output
  • Cleaner product and burn with lower particulates in exhaust
  • Non-bio to avoid diesel bug or tank and fuel system clogging
  • Our Petrol is 95 Unleaded (no ethanol bio content added)
  • Our Diesel is ULSD/AGO FAME free (ultra low sulphur diesel, automotive grade fuel oil, no FAME bio content added).

Latest models of marine diesel engines will soon be warranty approved for ‘2nd gen biofuel Renewable Diesel HVO’

Marine Renewable Diesel HVO is currently available by request in Guernsey and Jersey for larger deliveries only.

Considered planned delivery?

Save time and money by setting up planned delivery for your home fuels

What are the benefits?