What does sustainably grown and traced mean?

Renewable Diesel is available from many distributors and refiners , some of them still use a significant proportion of palm oil in there feedstock.

That is why Rubis has decided to source its Renewable Diesel directly from Neste, a company who has managed to transform from a regional oil refining company into a global leader in renewable fuels.

Neste’ raw material feedstock is made of more than ten different raw materials and is focusing on waste and residue oils. However Palm Oil still accounts for approximately 20% of the raw material feedstock.

All of it is certified and fully traceable and represents less than 0.5% of the global consumption of palm oil, and less than 3% of the global consumption within the biofuel industry.

Traceability goes all the way to the plantation level. Oil is sourced carefully from screened, responsible producers in Malaysia and Indonesia that are committed to certification and principles of sustainability. Palm oil is sourced directly from the producer companies instead of purchasing separate certificates from the world market. 

Rubis and Neste share the same value of regularly engaging directly with their own suppliers. Buying directly provides better transparency and influence in the supply chain – the more direct the supply chain, the better. 

Rubis chose Neste because they transparently disclose their forest footprint as part of the CDP Forests program. 

In January 2019, Neste’s deforestation risk management performance was evaluated as belonging to the leading performers lists.

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