What are Rubis doing regarding the Carbon Neutral Roadmap being approved by the Government of Jersey?

We all recognise the importance of tackling climate change with the utmost urgency.

Working as part of the energy forum and Government over the last 3 years to develop the Carbon Neutral Roadmap. It’s a step in the right direction, but more still needs to be done. Rubis Channel Islands along with Rubis Group, are well placed for the future energy mix, as Rubis Channel Islands can leverage of Rubis Group (re. Solar, Hydrogen & new energies).

Before the Carbon Neutral Roadmap was even approved in April 2022, we have been making efforts to offer cleaner alternatives of our products. For instance, in 2020 we had launched our Renewable Diesel RD100 (able to reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 90%) Renewable Heating Oil EcoHeat100 in 2021 (able to reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 90%) and in 2022 we have now launched Rubis Solar. 

We are keen on delivering solutions using multiple energy sources to make our islands cleaner for tomorrow. From renewable fuels to solar power and super-efficient technologies, we’re driving change and building resilience for the future.

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