Concerned about the environment?

In addition to our standard kerosene, we offer EcoHeat100, a 100% renewable heating oil. If you want to make the move away from fossil fuel, our plant based EcoHeat100 is the solution. Find out more about EcoHeat100 here.

We do also offer Thermo-Premium heating oil which protects your oil-fired appliance, resulting in lower maintenance costs.  It’s another a greener option in comparison to traditional kerosene as it burns more effectively, resulting in lower emissions.

You could also consider a hybrid (or dual fuel) heating system which combines a traditional oil boiler with a renewable heating system such as a heat pump.

As with all heating systems, regular servicing and modern heating controls will help the boiler burn more cleanly and your system to run more efficiently.

Considered planned delivery?

Save time and money by setting up planned delivery for your home fuels

What are the benefits?