Avoid Biofuel If You Can

Current advice offered by the RYA to boat owners is to avoid 1st gen biofuel products wherever possible. This is because 1st gen biodiesel blends react with moisture drawn from the air, resulting in increased microbial growth, sediment formation and filter blocking. Biopetrol blends are also more corrosive due to their solvent properties, leading to accelerated damage to seals and engine parts. Once the fuel is contaminated, this cannot be effectively reversed without the system tank, lines and filters being drained and refilled with clean product.

If you are sold 1st gen Biofuel:

  • Remove all water from the tanks and conduct monthly checks to ensure they remain water free.
  • Consider modifying tanks that don’t already have drain points for removing water.
  • Examine sight gauges on older fuel storage tanks for signs of leakage and replace any leaking seals.
  • Consider replacing fuel seals as a one-off, precautionary exercise if you are having tanks serviced before you receive the new fuel.
  • Replace fuel filters after two to three deliveries / turnover of the new fuel.
  • Consider fitting dual filters in parallel with changeover valves in case one blocks.
  • Ensure content of tanks is turned over every six months to help prevent blockage of filters and fuel lines.

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