We are all becoming more conscious about reducing our carbon footprint to protect the future of our islands. Sustainability is a core part of our purpose and culture at Rubis, and we are constantly working at ways to drive a greener future. You can start making the transition to becoming greener today, right from your home. Explore our renewable products below.

Renewable Heating Oil (EcoHeat100)

We’re proud to be renewable heating oil suppliers.

Our renewable heating oil can act as a direct replacement to kerosene or gas oil. An excellent choice to tackle climate change, renewable heating oil is just as efficient as your regular heating oil and will cut global carbon emissions by up to 90% over its lifecycle. 

Readily available in Guernsey and Jersey Channel Islands today.


Rubis EcoBoiler’s run on our renewable heating oil (EcoHeat100) and NOT fossil fuels. EcoBoiler’s still provide central heating and hot water we need but at the same time protect the environment through little to no emissions in the operating process.

Readily available in Guernsey and Jersey Channel Islands today.


Rubis Channel Islands are proud to be a solar energy supplier.

Offering Solar PV solutions to domestic and commercial properties, save money on your energy bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint in the long term.

Harnessing the sunlight to provide renewable energy for your home is maybe cheaper than you think, with our 0% interest FREE payment plans for our solar installations, you can spread the cost of your solar installation over time, making it even more accessible.

Readily available in Guernsey and Jersey Channel Islands today.

Coffee Logs

Coffee Logs are a new fuel made from recycled coffee grounds that would otherwise be waste, generating 80% less emissions than if those grounds had gone to landfill. They also burn hotter and longer than kiln-dried wood.


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