How do I get oil?

You will automatically be signed up for our Planned Delivery Service.  You can rely on us to ensure that you have oil in your tank when you need it as we automatically arrange the delivery. Because this is more efficient for our deliveries, you benefit from the savings that we pass on to you.

By doing this, it makes our deliveries more efficient, with any cost savings passed directly onto our customers. And it’s more convenient because you don’t need to be at home when we call, so long as your fuel storage tank is in an accessible location, we can make the delivery.

Kerosene is the most widely used fuel used in domestic central heating systems in the Channel Islands, so we often refer to it as home heating oil or domestic heating oil. It is chosen for its winter performance, affordability, and because it offers a cleaner and more efficient burn compared to diesel. Once you have taken delivery of your fuel, it is there for you to use as you need it.  There are no tariffs to think about, no situations where you could lose your supply and when the price of heating oil is lower you can stock up in advance, unlike piped gas.

Considered planned delivery?

Save time and money by setting up planned delivery for your home fuels

What are the benefits?