The Channel Islands’ most popular fuel card

Earn real rewards every time you fill up with your Rubis card

The Rubis Card is a hassle-free way to save every time you fill up. You can then redeem your Rubis Points to use with our wide selection of Rubis Card partners.

Whether you’re an individual, family or a business, there are plenty of Rubis Card options to choose from, so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your card.

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Green Card

For individuals and families

Blue Card

Specially designed for our commercial customers

Red Card

For individuals requiring super unleaded petrol

3 simple steps to earn Rubis Points

Step 1

Fill up with Rubis petrol, diesel or marine fuel at any of our 26 outlets in Jersey and Guernsey. View our Rubis Card network

Step 2

Simply hand over your Rubis Card at the checkout, have it swiped, sign the receipt and your points will be added automatically to your fuel card account.

Step 3

Accounts are set up on direct debit and settled each month. You’ll receive a statement for your Rubis Card account showing how many Rubis Points you have collected.

Apply for a Rubis Card

Thousands of islanders are already enjoying the benefits of a Rubis Card, apply for yours today. It’s easy to sign up, just complete our online application form and you’ll soon be earning Rubis Points every time you fill up.

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