Jersey International Motoring Festival – a roaring success!

The 2018 Rubis Jersey International Motoring Festival lived up to its reputation as the leading motoring event in the Channel Islands.

This year featured even greater emphasis on family orientated content and it was a festival that provided a comprehensive motoring experience for show visitors of all ages.

The crowds lined Victoria Avenue on both Thursday and Friday evenings to watch the adrenaline-pumping excitement of the moonlight kart racing and motorcycle and car sprints. On Saturday and Sunday at various locations in St Helier a vast array of all things motoring came together to provide the large crowds enjoying the beautiful warm weather with a host of things to see and do. There was the exhilaration of the two hill climbs, numerous static displays, live action from the show ring and the main arena provided a number of demonstrations of cars, bikes and sand buggies. Families enjoyed getting up close to racing cars, classic cars, competition cars, vintage cars, remote controlled cars and a variety of motorbikes too. Many a pride and joy came out of winter storage for the public and enthusiasts alike to enjoy. Many car clubs were in attendance as well and were very welcoming and open to a chat.

Over four days the whole event had a vibrant atmosphere. The stage area had live music from some of our favorite, local bands, and all the catering providers were kept very busy with visitors to the show making the most of alfresco eating and drinking in the beautiful warm sunshine.

St Helier is an ideal venue for the motoring festival; it has spacious areas to host this multi-faceted event in a congenial atmosphere. Residents and visitors embraced an action packed few days that captured the island’s unbridled passion for motoring. This high profile event was the perfect showcase for anyone who had even the slightest interest in cars, bikes or motorsport. There really was something to entertain and excite everyone at the show which contributed to it being a huge crowd pleaser.

It was very rewarding to see people from all age groups coming together to celebrate their passion for motoring. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for making the show the impressive success that it was.

Full results for the sprints and hill climbs can be found on JIMF’s website.

Further photographs, videos and live action can be found on the Rubis in the Community Facebook page or on JIMF’s page.