Double Avios During September

Exchange your Rubis Points into Avios in September and you will collect double Avios.

Fill up at any Rubis garage and it won’t just be your fuel tank that reaches new levels.  Your Avios balance will also head skywards, as we are offering you double Avios for the whole month of September.


You need to have a Rubis Card to participate in this promotion, if you don’t already have a Rubis Card then just click here or pop along to our offices or call in to any Rubis garage.

    1. Fill up and swipe

Pay for fuel using your Rubis Card every time you pick up fuel from a Rubis service station.

    2. Opt In

Call Jersey: 01534 709800 or Guernsey: 01481 200800 and let us know that you want your Rubis Points turned into Avios.  We can set this up to happen automatically thereafter if you wish.

    3. Collect Avios

We will turn your Rubis Points into Avios and add them each month to your Avios Travel Rewards Programme account, giving you 40 Avios for every 25 litres of fuel you purchase. (Minimum transferable amount is 50 Rubis Points, 125 litres).

    4. Double Avios offer

Rubis Points exchanged into Avios in September 2017 will be doubled when credited to your Avios Travel Rewards Programme account.

If you would like more information on this promotion and Terms & Conditions please click here.