5 Rocks Ultra Challenge – 7th to 9th June

You may not have heard of the 5 Rocks Ultra Challenge – but rest assured this is not a challenge for the faint-hearted – a team of eight runners set themselves the unenviable task of running around the coastlines of Sark, Herm, Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey – all within 48 hours

To complete the Five Rocks Ultra challenge, the runners had to cover more than 108 miles within the deadline – which also includes travel time between the Islands, leaving around 24 hours to actually run the distance.

Aside from the monumental task of the challenge itself the biggest logistical challenge the runners had to face was the practical problem of arranging travel to each of the five islands within the allocated time. Public transport was not going to work within the timescales so that’s where we were delighted to partner Quay Boats who provided the skippering services and the use of their new Axopar 37 boat, and we assisted by fuelling this adventure whizzing them between the islands.

The runners, Garry Yeardley (37), Bryan Wilkins (36), Steve Meredith (38), Phil (Captain) Clarke (28), Jon Stevens (37), Craig Barrie (54), Zach Mahe (47) and Jamie Ellis (45), all completed this amazing feat and so far have raised over £10,000 worth of funds for mental health charities Mind Jersey and Mind Guernsey.

We should like to congratulate the boys on their success – this was an awesome achievement and one we were delighted to support.

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